Smart Sadif


  • How big is the fund?
  • Our first fund has the ability to invest up to $5 million USD.


  • What is the typical size of an investment?
  • Individual investment will vary according to the stage, industry and funding requirement by the entrepreneurial team. A typical investment will range from $25,000 to $500,000. In exceptional cases, these may vary.


  • What is Mekong Strategic Partner’s (MSP) role?
  • MSP is the investment manager for the fund and will guide the investment process from beginning till end. MSP is responsible for generating deal flows, evaluating companies, performing due diligence, draft term sheets and presenting to the investment committee. The MSP team will also monitor and assist the portfolio company. In some cases, MSP will advise on an exit strategy.


  • How long will the fund be open for investments?
  • We are committed to finding quality start-ups and teams, however long it may take. Typically, it takes about three years to fully invest and the portfolio will have at least 10 investments.


  • What type of start-ups can apply for funding?
  • We look for start-ups that are in the digital space. They may include companies in the following areas: Payments, Security, Mobile, Social Media, E-commerce, Marketplace, Marketing and advertising, Gaming, Cloud, Enterprise software, Health, Internet of Things.
    The start up teams should have some, if not all, of its operations in Cambodia. We are not able to invest in hardware companies.


  • What type of team are you looking for?
  • There is no typical mold that will ensure the success of a company. Alternatively, successful companies come in all types and sizes. However, the start-ups will be evaluated on a combination of different factors: the merit and feasibility of their business model, market attractiveness, technical competency, persistence, intelligence, problem solving, passion and drive for success. We founded and ran companies in the past, so we understand how challenging it is. Don’t worry if you don’t have the “complete package”, no one does!


  • What stage of companies are you looking to invest?
  • We will invest in early stage and growth stage companies. We don’t feel comfortable investing in ideas without a minimum viable product or good product market fit.



  • Is Smart Axiata Digital Innovation Fund interested in partnership?
  • We believe in the power of collaboration to create a thriving technology and investment ecosystem. We look to collaborate with leading entrepreneurs, strategic corporations, government agencies, innovators and thought leaders. Please contact us.


  • I am investor. Can I participate in the fund?
  • Please contact us here. There may be cases where we look to co-fund with appropriate capital partners.


Are you the next great start-up of Cambodia? Are you looking for additional support? We would love to hear from you.